Fare Well Wincsters

Thanks for the memories, the experience and the stories...


The current world situation has many in fear, wrestling with uncertainty around the fundamentals of life, shelter & food. While others are trying to make sense of the economic impacts to their working world  and making decisions that they see as appropriate. Sometimes decisions are made that impose uncomfortable change that are out of out hands and so it is as I leave Winc.  

There is little point putting energy into activity and actions that I cannot influence or control. What I can do is be grateful for what I have and the opportunities ahead.

The only regrets I have leaving Winc, aside from the work I have dumped on a few, is that I have not had the chance to talk to many of you in person. The opportunity to wish you well with your career, your personal goals and to your health. With this in mind I have prepared this little clip and this page.. 

Winc Initiatives Worked On

Managers Reported to

The short term outlook maybe dark grey.

Take the steps towards your future now.
Plan, prepare and do it…  

Value your family and those who you are close to.

Your time is a gift, give to make a difference. 

Beyond Winc

As my life moves on, I will be continuing to make images and timelapse videos. Still be available to assist and provide guidance if requested. Feel free to reach out to me here or on Linked In.

In Q2 of 2020 I will finish building this website, with Fine Art Hand Printed images and usage licensing available for sale.  I print these personally on Museum grade paper with high quality inks.  Great for gifts or for your own walls. 

I am a Landscape Fine Art photographer, yet I am available for private workshops, as well as to shoot corporate headshots,  Real Estate and small run product shots. Drop me a line if you’d like me to help you with a project.


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